Who We Are...

The C. F. Reames Education Center serves students in a variety of non-traditional education programs in Anderson School District 5. 

The following are currently housed at the Reames Center:

Anderson School District Five Charter School - educates students utilizing a non-traditional educational setting to produce highly skilled graduates who model integrity, citizenship, and the value of lifelong learning.

ACE Academy - integrates the traditional curriculum with online and blended learning for students to complete coursework for promotion, graduation and workforce development.

Bridge Academy - serves students in grades 6-12 with unique learning and social-emotional needs. The staff of 12 bring experience and compassion to the Bridge program, seeking to understand and meet student needs in an individualized manner.  Students may earn course credit toward graduation as well as learn skills that will help them transition to life beyond school.  

Personalized Learning Center - short term online and teacher facilitated learning personalized to meet each student’s individual goals toward promotion and graduation.


To activate an environment that supports students and teachers to consider pathways and processes not traditionally provided in the regular school setting.

Core Values

  • Safety and security
    • Provide a safe, comfortable and positive learning environment 
  • Truth, Honesty, and Respect
    • Develop relationships, rules, and responsibilities that are founded in these principles
  • Diversity
    • Value and honor diversity
  • Rigor/Relevant Learning
    • Offer effective instruction that focuses on learning, student performance, assessment, and authentic learning experiences.

Our Beliefs:

 To be developed for REAMES:

  • We believe in preparing each individual student to become a productive citizen in a changing global environment.
  • We believe student learning is the chief priority for the school.
  • We believe that all students are responsible for participating in their educational process.
  • We believe that family involvement and broad-based community support is critical in the development of the student.
  • We believe that students have different educational needs and that each individual has worth and potential for growth and development.
  • We believe effective research-based educational techniques helps students apply knowledge.
  • We believe ethical values and positive self-image contribute to the success of the individual and society.
  • We believe the understanding of diversity, including ethnic differences,  promotes harmony and mutual respect in our society.
  • We believe shared decision-making improves the educational process.
  • We believe every student is entitled to a safe, secure, and positive learning environment.
  • We believe the quality of life in our community is improved by increasing the educational levels of our population.
  • We believe that all students can learn when taught the way in which they learn.