Mission Statement


The Personalized Learning Center will provide a short term technology-based and individualized learning environment that engages students and supports student growth toward graduation and a career pathway.  


Goals and Objectives

  • Instructional: To earn carnegie units needed to earn a high school diploma
  • Behavioral: To decrease the number of office referrals
  • Attendance: To increase the attendance rate of at-risk students
  • Social/Emotional – To increase the social/emotional well being of PLC students.


At PLC , the curriculum is geared to the individual needs of the student.  High school students working toward a state high school diploma may earn Carnegie units via the use of online instruction (e.g., Edgenuity, Acellus, Apex, etc.).  High school students not working toward their diploma are taught using a blend of direct instruction, project-based learning, and online instruction. Middle School students will work on required grade level courses for academic completion.


Phones and Devices

Students are not allowed to use or have phones or other devices (iPods, mp3 players, etc.) in their possession during the school day.  Students will be provided headphones if necessary for their assignments. If a student brings his/her phone and/or other device, then the items will be securely locked up until the end of school. Bridge Academy is not liable for lost or stolen electronic devices.

Cell phones that are found in students’ possession after check-in will be confiscated and given to the parent.


Health and Medication

For student safety, the following procedures must be

followed regarding any student medications kept within the school building:

  • Written permission from the parent or legal guardian for each medication is required and must be maintained in the health room. (Check with school nurse for appropriate permission for medication form)
  • The parent must provide all medications in individually labeled bottles that include the student’s name, date, medication, dosage strength, and directions for use.( Medications must be in the original container with pharmacy label  or the original over –the-counter container)
  • Written Authorization by the attending physician is required for long term use.(Written Authorization from attending physician is required for any prescribed  medication, regardless of duration)
  • All medication will be returned to the parent or destroyed if unclaimed at the end of the school year.
  • Parents and/or guardians are expected to notify Bridge Academy of all allergies. 



For More Information contact:


Joshua Bacchus, Program Director

(864) 260-5160