C. F. Reames Classroom Guidelines

General C.F. Reames Class Guidelines
  • Attendance will be taken at the start of each period and recorded.
  • All students will have daily planned activities to work on as soon as they walk in the door while hall monitoring and attendance is being completed.  
  • Daily lesson plans should be plainly identified and be placed in a visible location.
  • Students should all be involved in learning from bell to bell.
  • Only one student at a time should be allowed to go to the restroom. These students must go to the restroom assigned to your class location. Students must have a restroom pass.
  • Any students in the hall must have passes.
  • Computer class students should not be in “games” unless the games are related to instruction.
  • In general food and drink should not be allowed in any classrooms. 
  • The gymnasium is not to be used by Charter and PLC classes. Bridge Acadamy classes may use the gymnasium for instructional purposes.
  • Students should remain seated until the final bell.