General Classroom Guidelines

General C.F. Reames Class Guidelines

  • Attendance should be taken at the start of each period and recorded in POWER TEACHER.
  • All teachers should have a daily planned activity for students to work on as soon as they walk in the door while hall monitoring and attendance is being completed.
  • Teachers should monitor the hallway until the final bell has rung for each period.
  • Daily lesson plans should be plainly identified as such and be placed on your desk in a visible location.
  • Students should all be involved in learning from bell to bell.
  • Any video presentations viewed in classrooms must be approved by your department head before showing it in class. Any videos shown must DIRECTLY support competencies in your class. Full length movies should never be shown in a class as per district directive.
  • Only one student at a time should be allowed to go to the restroom. These students must go to the restroom assigned to your class location. Students must have a restroom pass.
  • Any students in the hall must have passes.
  • Computer class students should not be in “games” unless the games are related to instruction.
  • In general food and drink should not be allowed in any classrooms. Please use your discretion in cases where students have little time between home school and C.F. Reames
  • The Student Union is off limits to all classes during class time unless being used for instruction or research. This must be approved by the Director or Assistant Director. The Student Union is not to be used as a “reward”.
  • The gymnasium is not to be used by career/technology classes. Special Education classes may use the gymnasium for instructional purposes.
  • Students should remain seated until the final bell.