10 Point Scale

As of August 25th the SC State Department of Education has tested and is now ready to implement an update to PowerSchool (where your students grades are stored) to reflect the change from a 7 point grading scale to the new 10 point grading scale.  This update to PowerSchool will be implemented in 3 phases across the state.  This is to ensure that the update is successful in all districts and there is time to fix any situations that may show up during the process before the next wave of districts get updated.  Anderson School District 5 is in the 2nd wave for the State update.  While there is no date yet for this update; wave 1 has already begun and wave 2 is set to follow directly.  
We understand that grades and especially the new 10 point grading scale is an important issue to students and parents.  Please know that we are working with the State to get this needed update installed and implemented as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  Your patience is appreciated.